Friday, 29 August 2014

Review | Avery Elle Pigment Inks

I've been wanting to purchase some new inks for a while as I don't really have a colour selection at all. So, I'd saved up some money and finally bit the bullet and purchased the full set of Avery Elle Pigment Inks. In the UK these are quite hard to get, as are pretty much all american brands, so I had them shipped directly from the USA, they actually turned out to be a MASSIVE bargain which made me rather happy :p

Regardless of the bargain, I opted for these inks to try as the set contains a good range of colours, and there aren't too many colours so I couldn't buy them all in one go. I wanted a good solid set of colours, without having to decide which ones to buy and, unless Avery Elle Bring out any other colours, I now have a complete collection. 

The colours from left to right are: 
Cherry, Mimosa, Mint To Be, 
Sapphire, Sea Glass, Fizz,
Pixie, Aquamarine, Raspberry,
Celery, Sugar Plum, Lemon Grass,
Fog, Pure White, Orchid

After receiving them I had a little bit of a play and made myself a little swatch colour chart using the Avery Elle Petals and Stems stamp set. 

The inks stamped out well and had a good even coverage. I've never stamped using pigment inks before so this was a bit of a test, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!

If you have any question about the inks don't hesitate to ask and I will try my best to answer :) 

Thankyou for stopping by!

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