Friday, 8 January 2016

My 2015 Favourites: Storage

So It's Day 5 of My 2015 Favourites series and today I'm going to be talking about my favourite kinds of storage. I can't believe we're on day 5 already! There's only one more day after this
  • Really Useful Box - 9L
    • The first thing on my list has to be the Really Useful Box company's storage boxes. I discovered them a few months ago and I've quickly been replacing all of my shoe boxes and cardboard boxes with them. I now have 4 of them filled with my crafty things and even have a couple more around my house. I've seen these in places like Hobbycraft, Staples & Ryman. 

  • Docrafts Die and Stamp Storage Folder + Inserts
    • I bought this towards the beginning of the year as a more effiecient way to store my dies and I just love it. It is very compact and could be stored on a shelf. It is a zipped case which keeps everything together and comes with 10 of the pages with magentic inserts. I also picked up a refil package and I am still yet to fill it! Very spacious.

  • Magnetic Sheets
    • I also use magnetic sheets to cut up and slot into the back of my stamp packets to store the matching dies so that I always have them to hand when using the stamps. I got mine on eBay but you can pick these up from many places for not much money!

  • Websters Pages Folio
    • I recently bought a couple of these folios to use as on-the-go carry cases and they work perfectly. I have one with my planner supplies in and another with pens. Its amazing how much they actually hold too!

  • Wilko (UK) Baskets
    • A bit of a random one now, but I was on the look out for some baskets or boxes that I could use to hold things on my table without marking it. I'm currently crafting at my dining room table as I don't have a desk in my flat and these baskets have come in really hand to help organise my supplies. I think this pack of 3 cost me £2 and I also got a set of 4 slightly smaller red ones that was only £1.50-£2, bargains!

  • Papermania Expanding Craft Carrier
    • My last storage favourite is this expanding carry case by Papermania (Docrafts). I picked mine up from The Works (UK) for around £8 which I thought was a great deal. It has a lot of pockets on the inside and is big enough to store 12"x12" paper. It also has a smaller expandable pocket on the front (approx 6"x12") that I use to store some stickers.

Thank you so much for stopping by again to check out the fifth installment in my My 2015 Favourites. Come back again tomorrow for the final installment where I will be talking about all the other things I have been loving this year!

Let me know some of your favourite storage solutions in the comments :)

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  1. I love your storage - my favourite of all time is the Really Useful Box. I keep some of my sequins in the tiny ones. Love that Papermania storage container - I think I need to find out where my nearest works is! Xx