Thursday, 17 March 2016

Docrafts | Roald Dahl Collection Cards

Hello there! Today I want to share with you a collection of cards that I made using the Docrafts Roald Dahl Whoppsy Whiffling Stationary Pack that I got in a mystery box from Craft Superstore. When this collection came out I loved it but never bought myself any of it. I was a massive Roald Dahl fan when I was younger and crafting with this collection felt really lovely and nostalgic. 

The collection is designed to make 24 cards (2 x 12 decoupage designs, 4 x 6 designs of A5 paper) but it also comes with some sheets of tags, toppers and alphabet stickers so you could easily make more than 24 cards. 

Also in the collection you get 24 card blanks and envelopes, adhesive gems and ribbon. Pictured here are the 12 designs of decoupage that come in the collection all made up into cards.

I found this to be a lovely set that I could sit on the sofa (with my new lap tray!) in front of the TV and craft away without any real bother. The only extras you should need with you are adhesives and a pair of scissors (I didn't even get out my paper trimmer). With all the extra paper, tags and toppers that I have left I could easily make another 15-20 cards on top of the 24 that I've already made.

This kit also comes in a lovely sturdy box with a magnetic closure. When I've used up all the bits and bobs I'll definitely be keeping it as a storage box. The white wrap around label slides off and there's a beautiful design underneath. 

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope to see you soon!

Hayley :)


  1. You are so good at using these kits - you really get loads out of them. Great news on your lap tray - is it one of those Lap Dogs? Perfect for crafting in front of the telly! xx

    1. Thank you Ruth! I do enjoy using them, as much as I love my stamps, sometimes its nice to sit in front of the tv with one of these kits and some foam tape and get going. Its not a Lap Dog no, its just a standard tray with a bean bag style bottom, got it from a discount shop for £2.99 and I've been really impressed with it so far :) xx