Monday, 21 March 2016

Paperchase A5 Planner

Hello there! Today I want to share one of my planners with you. I picked this gorgeous planner up in the Paperchase Christmas sale for only £7.50. I was looking for an A5 2016 planner, saw this one at a bargain price and knew I had to have it. I love the colour, I love the design and I love the size. I also, strangely, find really strong magnets an attractive feature and the closure on this is just that. Perfect!

The reason this was in the sale is because it came with an 18 month diary and calendar that started in June 2015 but that didn't bother me, if anything it was actually quite useful. I bought this planner to help me keep track of my Project Life. I decided that in 2016 I wanted to try weekly Project Life but I didn't want the hassle of ordering photos every week so I wanted a planner to make notes about what photos I had for each week and a bit of a description of what happened each day so that when it came to journalling I didn't forget what had happened or fun details that I wanted to document.

Its working out well so far, I've done up to the end of week 10 and have just ordered my first set of 200 prints.

This is the interior of the planner. I keep a few stickers in there and some journalling cards incase I need them then I have them to hand. 

The planner comes with a dashboard (which I can use as a template when I get chance to make my own) and a full set of dividers (pictured below). There's also a large notepad at the back which I'm finding really useful to use as a to do list. 

Hope you enjoyed taking a look inside one of my planners, hoping to share my Crafty Plans planner with you soon too!

Thanks for reading, 

Hayley :) x

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  1. That is a neat little planner and what a great price! Nice when it works out like that and it's a great way to plan your PL. Have fun! Xx