Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Top Tip Tuesday #20

Ink Swatches

If you have a lot of colours of ink and struggle to choose between colours then this could work for you. 

I find it helpful to have samples of the different colours of ink that I have on hand so that I can quickly grab them and figure out what colours I want to use, without the hassle of getting all of my inks out. Because I dont have much space in my flat, all of my supplies are constantly packed away, so everytime I want to use something I have to get it out. This is a great way to avoid getting all of my inks out everytime, this way I can decide which colours I want and just go get them. 

Jennifer McGuire has some excellent free Ink Swatch printable files that go great into 2x2 slots and this is what I use for mine.

Hope you found this useful!

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