Friday, 13 May 2016

How I Store... Wood Veneer

Hello there and welcome! 

Wood Veneer are an embellishment I like to use quite often in my scrapbooking and Project Life and so today I wanted to show you how I store them. My collection has grown quite a lot and I found a perfect storage box for them in Home Bargains (you could probably find containers like this in many places - I've also seen them in Hobbycraft). I think this container was only around £1.50 and it's brilliant!

The best thing is the repositionable dividers. Each column has 3 sections and 2 dividers that can be left in or taken out to change the size of the space. It worked out perfectly for the amount of wood veneer that I had and even allowed me to keep the large wood veneer words in there too. 

This container would also be great for organising any there small embellishments that you may have in your stash. I find I'm using my wood veneer a lot more now that they are stored this way because they are so much more accessible. 

The only bit of packaging I kept was the back of the packet of words so I could easily see what words I have. To keep track of them I've been crossing them off when I've used each word so I know what I have left.

Let me know in the comments if you have any cool storage tips!


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