Monday, 15 February 2016

Scrapbooking Haul - Hobbycraft - Feb 2016

Hello There! So I went on a little shopping trip over the weekend so I thought I'd share with you what I bought. I've also included a couple of other bits I bought recently that I thought you'd be interested in. 

First up was these Artbin containers which cost £4 each. They fit 12"x12" sized things in perfectly. I bought 2 with a use for each in mind. One will be for general paper storage (my loose papers currently live in a cardboard box that is getting a bit battered). The second I want to keep for making my own scrapbooking kits out of my stash. I don't subscribe to any kit clubs but I like the idea of crafting from a certain collection of items and trying to use them up.

I got two mini craft punches in a heart and a star shape which were £1 each.

Next, I got myself a palette knife. After watching many (and I mean many!) process videos on Youtube of scrapbook layouts I've decided I want to have a go at using texture paste and stencils. I don't actually have the texture paste yet because I couldn't find any in Hobbycraft, but its on my wishlist. This knife was only £2 so I couldn't pass it up while I was there.

I'm getting quite bored of the thickers that I have in my stash and I'm rapidly running out of useable letters, so decided to treat myself to some new gold ones. I got 3 fonts, Woodland, Imprint and Fox (L-R). These were £4 each. 

I love love love the Crate Paper Confetti collection but all I have managed to get my hands on so far is the sticker sheet. So when I saw the cut apart sheet in Hobbycraft I had to get it. They were £1 each and I could probably have got it cheaper online but then would have had to pay postage so I just went for it. I bought two sheets because I like both sides and I know they'll get used in my project life.

I hunted high and low for some 12"x12" white cardstock but this was the only stuff I could find. It was £6 for 20 sheets. This should last me a while but next time I'll definitely be on the look out for more value per sheet. If there are any other UK scrapbookers out there, where do you get your white cardstock from? Let me know in the comments. 

I also picked up 2 pages of 12"x12" page protectors because I recently turned all the ones I had into thicker storage with my fuse tool (I thought this was genius!). These were only £3 for a pack of 10 pages. 

The next two things weren't from Hobbycraft but I bought them recently so thought I would include them. I've been looking for some reasonably priced funky foam for a while now and was so focused on getting white. But when I saw this pack of 50 sheets of A4 foam for only £4.99 in The Range I snapped it up. I realised it doesnt matter what colour it is because its going to be used between my layers on cards instead of foam tape, so it will be completely covered.

The last thing in the haul is the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board. Now, when I saw this was coming out I knew I wanted it even though I didn't have a specific use in mind. I know it will come in very handy. I bought it from ebay and it cost me just under £20 which I thought was good considering its a recent release and isn't available in many places in the UK yet. Not had a chance to use it properly yet, but when I do I will share it with you!

Thanks for stopping by and sticking to the end. Do you like seeing hauls? Let me know in the comments and if you do I will do them more often!

Hayley :)

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